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Method and device for application of a strip material

: Malecki, Klaus; Richart, Detlef; Hoefer, Andreas; Wößner, Johannes; Ledermann, Thomas; Naumann, Martin

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EP 20060020054 A: 20060925
WO 2007EP08323 A: 20070925
WO 2008037426 A1: 20080403
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The present invention relates to a method and a device for the application of a strip material to a substrate. Particularly, the present invention relates to a automatic application of an elongate strip of elastic material to a substrate. The present invention further relates to a device and a method for applying a seal strip such as a weatherstrip seal to a substrate. The elongate strip is advanced by drive means (5) and positioned on a substrate by means of an application unit (9). The stress of the elongate strip (1) is controlled b a stress control unit (8) which is positioned in the area between the drive means and the application unit (9).