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Method of and radio network for transmitting layered data to multiple receiving stations

: Haustein, T.; Venkatasubramanian, V.

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EP 20080105713 A: 20081031
EP 2182662 A1: 20100505
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A Method of transmitting data in a radio network (NW) with at least one sending station (BS), at least one relay station (RS) and at least a first and a second receiving station (MS1, MS2) is disclosed. In addition, a radio network (NW) to implement the inventive method is disclosed. According to the invention, the data is organized in at least a first and a second layer, wherein at least the first layer is routed via a first path from the base station (BS) to the relay station (RS) to a first receiving station (MS1) and wherein at least the second layer is routed to the second receiving station (MS2) via a different second path.