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Pressure Sensor

: Schmitt-Walter, S.; Seffner, L.; Roedig, T.; Gebhardt, S.; Brueckner, B.; Schoenecker, A.

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WO 2005EP06629 A: 20050620
WO 2006136182 A1: 20061228
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A pressure sensor has a multiplicity of piezoelectric converter elements which are arranged such that they are essentially parallel to a force-recording or pressure-recording direction. Said converter elements may be in the form of fibres, small bars, plates or the like and may also be in the form of a thick or thin layer. When the converter elements are in the form of fibres, small bars or plates, they are arranged at a distance from one another by means of an insulating material and/or are at least partially embedded in said material. In order to improve such a pressure sensor to the effect that it can also be used for high pressures, for a long service life and for different mechanical applications, a support material having greater mechanical rigidity than the converter elements, in particular in the force-recording or pressure-recording direction, is assigned to at least a number of piezoelectric converter elements or the piezoelectric converter element is applied, in the form of a layer, to a supporting body made from this support material and is electrically contact-connected, for example, by means of a bottom electrode, which is arranged between the converter element layer and the supporting body, and a cover electrode which is applied to an outer side of the converter element layer.