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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Eigenschaftsänderung dreidimensionaler Formteile mittels Elektronen sowie Anwendung des Verfahrens

Device and method for altering the characteristics of three-dimensional shaped parts using electrons and use of said method

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DE 102006012668 A: 20060320
WO 2007EP02458 A: 20070320
WO 2007107331 A1: 20070927
EP 1999775 B1: 20110629
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The invention relates to a device and a method for altering the characteristics of a three-dimensional shaped part (2) using electrons. Said device comprises at least one electron accelerator (3a, 3b) for generating accelerated electrons and two electron discharge apertures (5a, 5b), the apertures (5a, 5b) lying opposite one another and together with at least one reflector (7a1, 7a2, 7b1, 7b2) delimiting a process chamber, in which the surface or an edge layer of the shaped part (2) is bombarded with electrons. According to the invention, a sensor system is used to detect an energy density distribution inside the process chamber, at least in one spatial dimension.