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Polarization Multiplexed 16QAM Transmission Employing Modified Digital Back-Propagation

: Rafique, D.; Mussolin, M.; Martensson, J.; Forzati, M.; Fischer, J.K.; Molle, L.; Nölle, M.; Schubert, C.; Ellis, A.D.

Postprint (PDF; )

Optics Express 19 (2011), No.26, pp.B805-B810
ISSN: 1094-4087
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We experimentally demonstrate performance enhancements enabled by weighted digital back propagation method for 28 Gbaud PM-16QAM transmission systems, over a 250 km ultra-large area fibre, using only one back-propagation step for the entire link, enabling up to 3 dB improvement in power tolerance with respect to linear compensation only. We observe that this is roughly the same improvement that can be obtained with the conventional, computationally heavy, non-weighted digital back propagation compensation with one step per span. As a further benchmark, we analyze performance improvement as a function of number of steps, and show that the performance improvement saturates at approximately 20 steps per span, at which a 5 dB improvement in power tolerance is obtained with respect to linear compensation only. Furthermore, we show that coarse-step self-phase modulation compensation is inefficient in wavelength division multiplexed transmission.