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Wirbelstromsonde, insbesondere Wirbelstromsonde in Transmissionsanordnung

: Hillmann, S.; Joneit, D.

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DE 102010009923 A
Patent, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IZFP, Institutsteil Dresden ()

The probe has two cores (2a, 2b) containing a ferromagnetic material and arranged on two opposite sides (3a, 3b) of a sample volume (1). One of the cores is formed as a curved and/or opened body, which is aligned with two ends (5a, 5b) towards the sample volume. The former core is concavely formed when viewing in a plane guided by the sample volume, and formed in a U-shaped or V-shaped cross-section. Another one of the cores is sectionally wrapped by sections of a winding of one of two coils e.g. measuring coils (4a, 4b) and excitation coils.