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System und ein Verfahren zur Detektion von in flüssigen Proben enthaltenen Analytmolekülen

: Sonntag, Frank; Klotzbach, U.; Schilling, N.; Gruchow, M.; Henke,M.

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DE 102009055800 A
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a system and method for detecting analyte molecules contained in liquid samples. In particular, said analyte molecules can be proteins or DNA. The binding behavior of analyte molecules with respect to ligands should be improved by means of the invention. A measuring channel is guided in the system. A sensitive surface area (7) is arranged on the bottom of said measuring channel. The housing is made of a non-magnetic and non-magnetizable material. At least one element made of a ferromagnetic material can be arranged above the measuring channel, and two permanent magnets are arranged on both sides of the measuring channel. An external magnetic field is developed by the two permanent magnets. A magnetic field can also be developed by a series arrangement of permanent magnets, which are alternately magnetized in opposite directions. Depending on the magnetic field developed, the analyte molecules or particles bonded thereto have a suitable susceptibility such that a force directed at the bottom of the measuring channel and ligands immobilized there acts on the analyte molecules.