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Verfahren zum Herstellen einer Struktur, optisches Bauteil, optischer Schichtstapel

: Wippermann, F.; Duparré, J.; Dannberg, P.; Bräuer, A.

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DE 102009055088 A
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The present invention relates to a method for producing a structure made of a curable material. A first structure (220) made of a first curable material is thereby formed on a substrate (210) and cured. A second structure (230) made of a second curable material is further formed and cured on a first surface of the first structure facing away from the substrate, so that a boundary between the first structure and the second structure is formed at the first surface of the first structure, and so that the first structure is not covered by the second structure at a penetration area (240). A solvent is further introduced into the penetration area, in order to dissolve the first curable material of the first structure, so that a cavity (270) is formed between the second structure and the first surface of the substrate, wherein the first curable material is soluble in the solvent after curing, and the second curable material is insoluble in the solvent after curing. The invention further relates to an optical component made of curable material, and an optical laminar stack made of curable material.