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Dichtungssystem und Kraftfahrzeug mit Dichtungssystem sowie Verfahren zur Beeinflussung der Dichtungswirkung des Dichtungssystems

: Riedel, M.; Maeser, K.; Naumann, G.; Kunze, H.; Schmidt, K.; Stehncken, C.; Wolf, M.; Deinzer, G.H.; Steuer, U.; Mahler, W.; Hofmann, J.

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DE 102008042138 A
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The system has a seal (10) attached to a contact surface (32) in a sectional manner, where the contact surface is movable relative to an attachment (40) for realizing a sealing effect at the contact surface. A particle (16) made of magnetizable material is connected with an elastic material (12) of the seal. A magnetizable work partner (50) interrupts a magnetic force of a magnetic field that is produced by the particle. A current loading coil (20) changes the magnetic field in electromagnetic co-activation with the magnetizable particle during variation of current flow in the coil. An independent claim is also included for a method for influencing a sealing effect of a sealing system.