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Verfahren zur Herstellung einer Metallstruktur auf einer Oberfläche eines Halbleitersubstrates

: Mingirulli, N.; Biro, D.; Schmiga, C.; Specht, J.; Stüwe, D.

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DE 102008029107 A
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a method for producing a metal structure on a surface of a semiconductor substrate, comprising the following steps: A applying a metal layer, B applying a structuring layer and C removing the structuring layer. Either step B is carried out after step A and step C after step B in a masking method, so that the structuring layer covers the metal layer at least partially and, after step B is carried out, the metal layer is removed from the regions not covered by the structuring layer, before step C is carried out or, in a lift-off method, step A is carried out after step B and step C after step A, so that the structuring layer is covered essentially by the metal layer and, at least in the regions, in which the metal layer covers the structuring layer, the metal layer is detached when step C is carried out. It is essential that the structuring layer in step B is produced by means of a hot melt ink.