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Report of the GI Work Group "Requirements Engineering for Product Lines"

: Birk, A.; Heller, G.; John, I.; Joos, S.; Müller, K.; Schmid, K.; Maßen, T. von der

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Created on: 09.01.2004

Kaierslautern, 2003, VIII, 46 pp. : Ill., Lit.
IESE-Report, 121.03/E
Reportnr.: 121.03/E
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IESE ()
software product line; requirements engineering; organizational context; software architecture; platform development

This report summarizes the results of the GI working on "Requirements Engineering for Software Product Lines", a working of the GI 2.1.6. This work group met regularly to identify the key problems in product line engineering practice with potential (and proven) solutions. While this started originally as an effort focused purely on requirements engineering issues, we soon understood that we had to take a broader perspective due to the tight interconnection of requirements engineering with other issues in a product line context.
We will provide a characterization of the different organizations that participated in this effort. This will demonstrate that overall a good coverage of organizational types has been achieved. In Section 3, we will then provide an overview of the main problems in product line development. These could be clustered in the following main problem categories:
- Organization and Management
- Requirements Engineering
- Product-specific vs. Platform-specific Interests
- Architecture
These categories resulted from a systematic gathering of known problems along with a clustering. Based on both our own experience as well as our understanding of the technology we derived and described potential solutions for the main problems (cf. Section 5). As far as possible, we described necessary preconditions for the implementation of the solution approaches.