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Complete and partial oxidation of methane on ceria/platinum silicon carbide nanocomposites

: Frind, R.; Borchardt, L.; Kockrick, E.; Mammitzsch, L.; Petasch, U.; Herrmann, M.; Kaskel, S.


Catalysis science & technology 2 (2012), No.1, pp.139-146
ISSN: 2044-4753
ISSN: 2044-4761
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

We have studied the catalytic activity of CeO(2)/Pt-SiC composites in the total and partial oxidation as well as the dry reforming of methane. The composites were synthesized by an in situ functionalization strategy with variation in ceria and platinum contents and processing conditions. The impact of composition and pyrolysis temperature on the specific surface area and catalytic activity of the composite materials is studied. All catalysts have a high activity in the partial oxidation and dry reforming of methane close to the thermodynamic equilibrium composition. In the complete oxidation of methane, the T(10%) was lowered by 443 K compared to the non-catalyzed reaction.