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Monolithically integrated 200-GHz double-slot antenna and resistive mixers in a GaAs-mHEMT MMIC process

: Yan, Y.; Karandikar, Y.B.; Gunnarsson, S.E.; Motlagh, B.M.; Cherednichenko, S.; Kallfass, I.; Leuther, A.; Zirath, H.


IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 59 (2011), No.10, pp.2494-2503
ISSN: 0018-9480
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
conversion loss; double-slot antenna; GaAs; G-Band; metamorphic HEMT; mHEMT; monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC); noise figure (NF); N-times; resistive mixer; system gain

This paper presents the design and characterization of two resistive mixers integrated with a double-slot antenna in a 100-nm GaAs mHEMT technology. With RF frequency varying from 185 to 202 GHz, a typical conversion loss (L(c)) of 8.0 dB is measured for the single-ended mixer and a typical L(c) of 12.2 dB is obtained from one of the two IF outputs for the single-balanced mixer. Each mixer is integrated with a double-slot antenna and mounted on an Si lens. Incorporating the antenna gain and the conversion loss of the mixer, a typical receiver gain of 15.4 dB is achieved for the integrated antenna with single-ended mixer, and a typical receiver gain of 11.2 dB is obtained for the integrated antenna with single-balanced mixer by measuring one of the two IF outputs. In this paper, a novel method is also proposed and proved to evaluate a moderate to high noise figure (NF) device in millimeter/submillimeter frequency band. The result shows that the single-ended mixer in this paper has an NF around 1.0 dB higher compared to its L(c), and the single-balanced one has an NF about 1.6 dB higher than its L(c) at room-temperature operation.