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Tailoring guided modes in waveguide arrays

: Trompeter, H.; Peschel, U.; Pertsch, T.; Lederer, F.; Streppel, U.; Michaelis, D.; Bräuer, A.

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Optics Express 11 (2003), No.25, pp.3404-3411
ISSN: 1094-4087
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IOF ()
waveguide array; effective media; metamaterial; defect mode; polymer

The formation of localized states or modes at defects in waveguide arrays is investigated both, theoretically and experimentally. If the effective index or the coupling of the defect guide to its neighbors is varied the number and character of respective modes bound to the defect can be altered. Waveguide arrays may be considered as tailor-made or metamaterials with new and unexpected properties as e.g. guiding staggered modes bound to defects with reduced index. Although the symmetric defect waveguide becomes multimode for increased coupling it does not support antisymmetric modes. All theoretical predictions are confirmed in excellent agreement with experimental observations in polymer waveguide arrays.