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Micro-optical 1x4 fiber switch for multimode fibers with 600 µm core diameter

: Duparré, J.; Götz, B.; Göring, R.


Applied optics 42 (2003), No.34, pp.6889-6896
ISSN: 0003-6935
ISSN: 1539-4522
ISSN: 1559-128X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
compact digital camera; insect vision; compound eye; vision system; microlens array; microoptic

The design, manufacture, and test of a 1x4 micro-optical fiber switch for multi mode fibers with 600-µm core diameters are described. Microlens array telescopes allow for variable and fast beam deflection when the positions of the cylindrical microlens arrays relative to each another are altered by specially designed piezomechanical actuators. Standard achromats are used for collimation of light emitted by the input multimode fiber and for focusing of the deflected light onto a linear array of output multimode fibers. Design and assembly of micro-optical as well as of optomechanical components are discussed. Insertion loss and cross talk are measured, and the results are compared with those of numerical optical simulations. Measurements of switching time and long-term stability, as well as of thermal behavior are also presented.