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Microcontroller modules for the modular MEMS framework MATCH-X

Mikrocontroller-Module für das modulare MEMS-Baukastensystem MATCH-X
: Steck, A.; Muckenhirn, R.; LeNagard, M.

Knobloch, H.; Kaminorz, Y.:
MicroNano Integration
Berlin: Springer, 2004 (VDI-Buch)
ISBN: 3-540-20252-8
Book Article
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microsystem; micro electro mechanical system; modular MEMS; Mikrocontroller; Fadenspannung; Yarn tension; Mikrosystem; Textilverarbeitungsmaschine

For decentral control of automation systems a detailed selection of the appropriate microcontroller is necessary. By considering the manifold selection criteria concerning performance, properties and communication interfaces but also selection restrictions and possibilities to add further functionalities to a certain microcontroller a concept for the modular kit of MATCH-X controller modules has be deduced.
A microcontroller module for the modular MEMS framework MATCH-X has been developed. The microcontroller is used within an industrial application to control the yarn tension of machines for producing textiles such as weaving, knitting and twisting machines. By means of a yarn tension sensor, a yarn brake and the microcontroller module the yarn tension is controlled with a high bandwidth.