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Evaluation of a new device for fast detection of air contaminants using immunobiological methods

Presentation held at Indoor Air 2011, the 12th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate; June 5-10, Austin, Texas
: Renzl, Anna; Hofbauer, Wolfgang; Rennebarth, Thorsten; Koch, Wolfgang; Dunkhorst, Wilhelm; Lödding, Hubert; Schwarz, Katharina; Schmitt, Katrin; Bolwien, Carsten; Sulz, Gerd; Holländer, Andreas; Klockenbring, Torsten; Barth, Stefan; Seidel, Björn; Muranyi, Peter; Breuer, Klaus

2011, Paper 856, 2 pp.
International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate <12, 2011, Austin/Tex.>
Conference Paper
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Contamination of indoor air by microorganisms poses a threat to public health and can result in significant economic secondary losses. Therefore, the fast and direct identification of possibly harmful microorganisms in air is gaining increasing interest. A new approach combining the specific coupling of fluorescently labeled antibodies to surface antigens with single particle detection, via fluorescence microscopy, is being used.
The optical detection unit combines reflectedlight microscopy with an epifluorescence mode. The system has been optimized for the detection of particles which have the relevant size; the images are evaluated via adapted image
processing software, which enables the system on a singleparticle level to discriminate the detected microorganisms from interfering particles such as dust or debris, reliably.