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Cost-optimal levels for energy performance requirements

The concerted action's input to the framework methodology
: Aggerholm, Søren; Erhorn, Hans; Hitchin, Roger; Erhorn-Kluttig, Heike; Poel, Bart; Engelund Thomsen, Kirsten; Wittchen, Kim B.
: Wittchen, Kim B.; Engelund Thomsen, Kirsten

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Brussels: European Commission, 2011, 75 pp.
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IBP ()

EPBD Concerted Action Report on Cost-optimal levels for energy performance requirements The CA conducted a study on experiences and challenges for setting cost optimal levels for energy performance requirements. The results were used as input by the EU Commission in their work of establishing the Regulation on a comparative methodology framework for calculating cost optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements. In addition to the summary report released in August 2011, the full detailed report on this study is now also made available, just as the EC is about to publish its proposed Regulation for MS to apply in their process to update national building requirements.