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Developing a framework for virtual metrology and predictive maintenance

: Schellenberger, Martin; Roeder, Georg; Mattes, Andreas; Pfeffer, Markus; Pfitzner, Lothar; Knapp, Alexander; Mühlberger, Heribert; Bichlmeier, Josef; Valeanu, Christian; Kyek, Andreas; Lenz, Benjamin; Frisch, Markus; Leditzky, Günther

Future fab international 39 (2011), Chapter 2
ISSN: 1363-5182
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IISB ()
APC; manufacturing science; efficiency

The implementation of novel APC techniques in semiconductor fabs calls for cooperative development. A barrier for sustainable joint activities is often the variety of fab infrastructures at different partners. Thus, in the ENIAC project IMPROVE, a fabwide framework was developed to support the research of reusable APC components. This article describes the concept and integration examples of the framework.