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New results on high-field transport in semiconductor superlattices

Neue Ergebnisse des Transorts in hohen Feldern in Halbleiter-Übergittern
: Holfeld, C.P.; Rosam, B.; Meinhold, D.; Glutsch, S.; Schäfer, W.; Zhang, J.; Glück, M.; Korsch, H.J.; Rossi, F.; Köhler, K.; Leo, K.

Long, A.R.:
Physics of semiconductors 2002 : Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors held in Edinburgh, UK, 29 July - 2 August 2002
Bristol: IOP Publishing, 2003 (Institute of Physics - Conference Series 171)
ISBN: 0-7503-0924-5
International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS) <26, 2002, Edinburgh>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
superlattice; Übergitter; III-V semiconductor; III-V Halbleiter; optical property; optische Eigenschaft

The optical properties of an electrically biased semiconductor superlattice are strongly influenced by coupling to other bands. As these coupling mechanisms depend on the strength of the applied electric field, we find a distinct variation in transition line broadening, dephasing time and spatial extension of the wavefunction. The fundamental Bloch-oscillating transport in a periodic structure is drastically modified and exhibits a strong damping with a surprising revival of polarization coherence which reappears on a picosecond scale.