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Automatic evaluation of modelling rules and design guidelines

: Farkas, Tibor; Hein, Christian; Ritter, Tom

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European Software Institute -ESI-:
Second Workshop "From code centric to model centric software engineering: Practices, Implications and ROI" 2006. Online Resource (Nicht mehr online zugänglich) : In conjunction with ECMDA; July 11th, 2006 - Bilbao, Spain
9 pp.
Workshop "From Code Centric to Model Centric Software Engineering - Practices, Implications and ROI" <2, 2006, Bilbao>
European Conference on Model Driven Architecture - Foundations and Applications (ECMDA-FA) <2, 2006, Bilbao>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()
modeling rules; design guidelines

In order to get high-quality software systems high-quality models are needed. Modelling rules and design guidelines can help to improve the quality of a model. This paper presents a flexible solution for phrasing and evaluating modelling rules and design guidelines for models by using the Object Constraint Language as the target environment to achieve a higher quality of models. The presented solution is based on Open Source tools like OSLO and describes how it is applied in an automotive domain.