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A general pedestrian movement model for the evaluation of mixed indoor-outdoor poster campaigns

: Liebig, Thomas; Stange, Hendrik; Hecker, Dirk; May, Michael; Körner, Christine; Hofmann, Urs

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3rd Workshop on Pervasive Advertising 2010. Proceedings
Helsinki, 2010
Workshop on Pervasive Advertising and Shopping <3, 2010, Helsinki>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IAIS ()
pedestrian movement; poster campaignes; data mining; pervasive advertising

Over the last few years new measurement technology has revolutionized the performance measurement in outdoor advertising. A handful of pioneer countries trace personal mobility now via GPS devices, which allows for precise performance results of arbitrarily positioned outdoor poster campaigns. However, GPS technology has the drawback that it cannot be applied indoors due to signal loss. In Switzerland and Germany many valuable posters are situated in public buildings such as train stations or shopping malls and their evaluation is of high interest. In this paper we therefore present a new approach for the evaluation of mixed indoor-outdoor campaigns. Our approach consists of a general pedestrian movement model in restricted spaces which can be integrated into standard trajectory evaluation. Our approach has been implemented for 27 major train stations in Switzerland.