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Planning of high precision surgery at the lateral skull base

: Wesarg, Stefan; Becker, Meike; Hakimi, Wissam el

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg:
14th Korea-Germany Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing 2011 : 2011.10.03 - 2011.10.08, Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, 2011
Korea-Germany Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing <14, 2011, Heidelberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
simulation; surgical planning; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Forschungsgruppe Medical Computing (MECO)

Minimally traumatic surgery at the lateral skull base is currently far from being the standard in clinical routine. Drilling one or more linear paths towards the inner ear requires high accuracy. The project MUKNO aims at the development of tools and methods for allowing those minimally invasive approaches. For this, the errors of each single step of the surgery pipeline shall be quantified and minimized. All subsequent steps (e. g. surgery planning, navigation) rely on the acquired image data. Thus, it is crucial to provide such data with a sufficient accuracy.
In this work, we present first results obtained in the project MUKNO. Here, one aspect is the high resolution image reconstruction from two orthogonal data sets. A second topic is the integration of a patient specific model of the lateral skull base into a virtual surgery simulation for the determination of possible drilling paths. For this, a first prototype of a planning tool is presented.