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Design and automation of a release engineering process

: Schneider, Sören
: Wille, Cornelius; Knodel, Jens

Kaiserslautern, 2009, VI, 59 pp.
Bingen, FH, Bachelor Thesis, 2009
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IESE ()
Eclipse; framework; model-driven development

Release engineering is the process of delivering a tailored product that bases on an evolving code base, to a customer. The successful development of research prototypes within the department of PLA at Fraunhofer IESE emerged the demand to build releases for external partners. Additionally, already delivered releases have to be maintained and updated regularly.
This thesis defines an explicit process for releasing products and automates the execution of distinct tasks within the process. The resulting Provision and Deployment Engine (ProviDE) comprises a generic but extensible framework part, allowing the generation of tasks from a process description and their execution, depending on their precondition status. The ProviDE engine has been successfully instantiated for the internal release engineering process.
The prototypical implementation of a set of sample tasks showed that the effort for creating and managing releases is reduced. Further, the automation allows repeatable creating of releases and updates, even by non-experts.