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Mobile und humanoide Robotertechnik

: Dillmann, R.; Lay, K.; Prassler, E.; Stopp, A.; Lawitzky, G.; Grunwald, G.; Hägele, M.; Schöner, G.; Dose, M.; Fröhlich, C.

Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut e.V. -OTTI-, Regensburg:
Industrieroboter auf dem Weg zu mehr Intelligenz : OTTI-Profiforum, 03. und 04. November 2003, Regensburg
Regensburg, 2003
Profiforum "Industrieroboter auf dem Weg zu mehr Intelligenz" <2003, Regensburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Autonome Mobile Systeme; human-robot; humanoid; MORPHA; robot assistant; Roboter; Intelligenz; Mensch

In this paper we present a selection of recent results of the BMBF lead project MORPHA. The acronym MORPHA stands for Interaction and Communication between Humans and Anthropomorphic Robot Assistants. The core idea of the MORPHA project is to equip intelligent robot assistants wiht powerful and versatile mechanisms, which enable these robots to communicate, interact, and collaborate with human users in a natural and intiuitive way. These mechanisms shall facilitate intuitive teaching, programming and commanding of robot assistants and enable them to execute demanding and complex tasks under the control of and in collaboration with the human user.