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Self-sustaining sensor-transponders: A technology for cost-efficient realization for a multitude of applications

: Bögel, Gerd vom

ID World 2011 : International Congress; Conference Agenda; Milan, 2-4 November; Tenth Annual world Summit; RFID, biometrics, smart cards, data collection; Smart technologies for a better world
Milan: Wise Media, 2011
International Congress "ID World" <10, 2011, Milano>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Transponder; Sensortransponder; RFID-Sensor; Energy-Harvesting; Wireless Power; RF-Powering

The combination of sensors and RFID-transponders - the so called sensor transponders - finds more and more interest in many applications like automotive (tire pressure monitoring) and logistics (cool chain monitoring). Compared to applications using the simple identification of RFID, the sensor capability enables many new application fields. Nevertheless, many aspects have to be considered for developing such a system and integrating it into environments.
In the context of this presentation a technology is shown, that allows the realization of cost-efficient solutions using a micro-electronic CMOS-technology similar to standard RFID chips. This allows the integration of sensors (e.g. temperature and pressure) and offers a chip solution with optimized energy consumption.
Furthermore the use of the electromagnetic field for the supply of sensor transponders will be discussed. Based on the question, if the omnipresent radiation from the power supply network and from radio transmitters and mobile phone base stations is useable (Energy Harvesting), the feasibility for the operation of self-sustaining sensor transponders is explained. Additional conditions of typical applications (operating range, measured variable) and technology (antennas, frequencies) are considered.