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Some fundamentals of optical thin film growth

Grundlagen des Wachstums dünner optischer Schichten
: Kaiser, N.

Kaiser, N.; Pulker, H. K.:
Optical interference coatings
Berlin: Springer, 2003 (Springer series in optical sciences 88)
ISBN: 3-540-00364-9
Book Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
optical coating; interference coating; thin films for optics; dielectric thin films; microstructure

Optical phenomena occur at surfaces and in thin films. However, unlike in micro- electronics and opto-electronics, surface and thin film science is often hardly of any help in describing the basic processes taking place on optical surfaces. Optical surfaces are never of a well-defined single-crystalline or amorphous type, and the growth of optical films takes place under rather unclean and consequently undefined conditions. Our final interest is always optical, and there may also be an interest in the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The dependence of optical properties on thin film growth conditions is a severe constraint. There is a significant conflict between models based on ideal- and such ba sed on real-structure films. This will be explained in Sect. 2. What we need is models that relate real film structure to desired optical properties. Such knowledge would allow the design and manufacture of coatings to be based on more realistic production conditions. Section 3 deals with aspects of thin film growth of variable dimensions, from isolated nanoclusters to continuous macroscopic films. The focus is on dielectric (Sect. 4) and metallic films (Sect. 5) and their optical properties.