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Ontology architecture for semantic geo services for olympia 2008

Ontologie-Architektur für semantische Geo-Dienste für Olympia 2008
: Weißenberg, N.; Gartmann, R.

Bernard, L.:
Geodaten- und Geodienste-Infrastrukturen - von der Forschung zur praktischen Anwendung : Beiträge zu den Münsteraner GI-Tagen 26./27. Juni 2003
Münster: IfGI, 2003
ISBN: 3-936616-14-0
Münsteraner GI-Tage <2, 2003, Münster>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISST ()
Ontologie; semantic service; geo service

For the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing a prototype platform offering personalized services to support athletes, journalists and spectators is being developed by Fraunhofer ISST in cooperation with the Chinese Institute of Computing Technolog y (ICT) in Beijing. Geo information and Geo services play an important role here, since most information in this context is geo-related or obtainable using Geo services. Since only relevant information should be delivered to a user, information-logistical and semantic techniques are used in combination. Therefore, a modular ontology has been designed to support semantic queries in this context. It combines different existing or emerging ontology pre-standards and metadata standards: As a basic service ontologie DAML-S is used and combined with an ontology based on ISO19119. Moreover, the mobile use of services may impose validity restrictions concerning location and time. Using semantic techniques a service roaming concept is developed to switch dynamically and transparently between semantically equivalent services, as soon as a validity range is left.