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Evaluation of nominal and local stress based approaches for the fatigue assessment of seam welds

: Bruder, Thomas; Stoerzel, Klaus; Baumgartner, J.; Hanselka, Holger


International journal of fatigue 34 (2012), No.1, pp.86-102
ISSN: 0142-1123
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()
fatigue; welds

In the context of the German joint research project "Applicability of fatigue analysis methods for seam welded components", fatigue tests were performed by five universities and institutes on welded components, welded parts of larger structures as well as component-like samples of weld details. The sheet thickness t was in the range 1 mm t 20 mm. The welding parameters for all test coupons and structures tested were chosen according to the industrial production process. Based on the data acquired, nominal, structural and notch stress approaches were analysed with regard to applicability and quality of assessment. The actual weld geometry except the real notch radii was taken into account within the notch stress approach. For the notch radii various values, the reference radii 0.05, 0.3 and 1 mm, were applied. Experimental and numerical results for welded steel components are presented. Approximately equivalent scatter ranges were obtained when applying the various app roaches based on the current state of the art. It should be noted that both the nominal and the structural stress approaches are limited in their application compared to the notch stress approach. A comparison of the scatter bands obtained for the various approaches is subject to limitations because it was necessary, in each case, to use different test series as the basis for determining the scatter bands.