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Semi-transparent small molecule organic solar cells with laminated free-standing carbon nanotube top electrodes

: Kim, Y.H.; Müller-Meskamp, L.; Zakhidov, A.A.; Sachse, C.; Meiss, J.; Bikova, J.; Cook, A.; Zakhidov, A.A.; Leo, K.


Solar energy materials and solar cells 96 (2012), No.1, pp.244-250
ISSN: 0927-0248
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPMS ()
Fraunhofer COMEDD; 2015 ()

We have developed semi-transparent nip organic solar cells (OSC) with free-standing multi-wall carbon nanotube (f-CNT) sheets as transparent top electrodes. By a simple and damage-free room temperature orthogonal liquid solution assisted self-laminating process, f-CNT top electrodes are successfully deposited on top of ZnPc:C60 bulk heterojunction small molecule OSCs. The cells show high fill factors above 58% as well as efficiencies up to 1.5% and greater long-term stability compared to the device having a metal electrode. For the given cell structure with f-CNT semi-transparent electrodes, the influence of an optical spacer on light absorption is studied by a systematic variation of the hole transport layer thickness, supported by optical simulations. The results strongly indicate that OSCs with f-CNT top electrodes and optimized thin film stack are highly promising for semi-transparent OSCs, which can be used in tandem devices, in tinted smart windows, and similar applications by a simple and damage-free process in roll-to-roll configuration that can be scaled to large area manufacturing.