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Entwurf und Realisierung eines richtungsabhängigen Gelände-Übersichtsplanes auf Basis ultramobiler Computer (Softwaretechnische Lösung)

: Ulbricht, M.
: Düsterhöft, A.; Bieber, G.

Wismar, 2003, 35 pp.
Wismar, FH, Studienarbeit, 2003
Term paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Multimedia Information System; Graphical User Interface (GUI); data communication; scientific visualization; mobile computing

For pedestrian navigation, a egocentric orientated map can be very useful. This work handles the software solution of turning bitmaps on mobile devices to provide an accurate orientated map to the user. Various algorithm to turn bitmaps where evaluated for an implementation on the PocketPC platform. For the first time the map orientation could retrieved without a compass but by the combination of sunlight and time. Field trials could evaluate the demonstrator in order to perform egocentric maps.