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Influence of different processing parameters on the isolation of lupin (lupinus angustifolius l.) protein isolates

A preliminary study
: Sussmann, D.; Pickardt, C.; Schweiggert, U.; Eisner, P.


Journal of Food Process Engineering 36 (2013), No.1, pp.18-28
ISSN: 0145-8876
ISSN: 1745-4530
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

Protein isolates were prepared from full-fat flakes of Lupinus angustifolius L. (cv Vitabor) by salt-induced extraction followed by precipitation with cold demineralized water. Different process parameters were screened to evaluate their significant influences on the extracted or overall protein yields in lab scale. During the extraction, the factors NaCl concentration, pH value and the ratio of flakes to solvent significantly influenced the protein yields, whereas the extraction time can be neglected in a specific range. During precipitation, the salt concentration, the initial protein concentration, the ratio between extract and water, and finally the sedimentation time had significant effect on the overall protein yield. However, the temperature difference between extract and water as well as the order and speed of addition had no considerable impact on the final protein yield. This study gathered important processing parameters for an efficient protein isolation and their suitable ranges for a subsequent optimization.