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Automation potentials - much remains to be done

Automatisierungspotenziale - es gibt noch viel zu tun
: Simons, F.; Wegener, K.; Naumann, M.

DNZ international 124 (2003), No.5, pp.51-52
ISSN: 0011-507X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Bekleidungsindustrie; Stofftransport; Automatisierung; Nähmaschine; Handhaben; Transport

A dream of the future: a machine in which you insert a sheep at one end and watch a fashionable men's suit or tasty meat dish come out at the other. This dream which was told at a forum shows clearly that the topic of automation in garment manufacture still finds wide interest. In the following, Florian Simons and Kai Wegener, both graduate engineers, and Martin Neumann present their thoughts on this problem.