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Application of simple, periodic homogenization techniques to non-linear heat conduction problems in non-periodic, porous media

: Pieper, M.; Klein, P.


Heat and mass transfer 48 (2012), No.2, pp.291-300
ISSN: 0947-7411
ISSN: 0042-9929
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

Often, detailed simulations of heat conduction in complicated, porous media have large runtimes. Then homogenization is a powerful tool to speed up the calculations by preserving accurate solutions at the same time. Unfortunately real structures are generally non-periodic, which requires unpractical, complicated homogenization techniques. We demonstrate in this paper, that the application of simple, periodic techniques to realistic media, that are just close to periodic, gives accurate, approximative solutions. In order to obtain effective parameters for the homogenized heat equation, we have to solve a so called "cell problem". In contrast to periodic structures it is not trivial to determine a suitable unit cell, which represents a non-periodic media. To overcome this problem, we give a rule of thumb on how to choose a good cell. Finally we demonstrate the efficiency of our method for virtually generated foams as well as real foams and compare these results to periodi c structures.