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Novel transport materials for high performance OLEDs

: Böhm, E.; Pflumm, C.; Voges, F.; Flämmich, M.; Heil, H.; Busing, A.; Parham, A.; Fortte, R.; Mujica, T.

Society for Information Display -SID-:
IDW '09 - Proceedings of the 16th International Display Workshops. Vol.1 : Miyazaki, Japan, December 9 - 11, 2009
Tokyo, 2009
International Display Workshops (IDW) <16, 2009, Miyazaki>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()

We show that efficiency, voltage and lifetime cannot be optimized simultaneously in blue fluorescent OLEDs. With novel ETMs, any desired trade-off In performance can be obtained. In an optimized system, 8.5% EQE were achieved. With thick ETLs, we obtain low driving voltage and improved color purity in green phosphorescent OLEDs.