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Visualisation of synthetic nanoparticles in cells and small organisms - A contribution to the identification of toxic potency and toxic mechanisms

: Hanke, T.; Springer, A.; Rudolph, E.; Heinemann, C.; Mkandawire, M.; Opitz, J.; Gelinsky, M.; Schirmer, K.; Ikonomidou, H.; Richter, V.

VDI-Koordinierungsstelle Umwelttechnik:
Sichere Handhabung brennbarer Stäube : Tagung Nürnberg, 11. bis 13. März 2008
Düsseldorf: VDI, 2008 (VDI Berichte 2027)
ISBN: 978-3-18-092024-5
ISSN: 0083-5560
Fachtagung Sichere Handhabung Brennbarer Stäube <2008, Nürnberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

Investigation of the nanoparticle (NP) uptake in cells, tissues or whole creatures provides important information about the toxic potency of NPs. Life-imaging, fixed sample analysis, metal element analysis as well as combinations thereof have been be used to visualise entry of NPs into and distribution in selected model organisms. Visualisation of a variety of NPs in several cell types (mostly mammalian) as well as a small organism (nematode Caeno-rhabditis elegans) by means of electron microscopy (TEM, REM) as well as fluorescence microscopic techniques (TIRF, cLSM) have been carried out. Results will be given in this presentation.