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Roll-to-roll microfabrication of polymer microsystems

: Strohhöfer, C.; Klink, G.; Feil, M.; Drost, A.; Bollmann, D.; Hemmetzberger, D.; Bock, K.

Measurement and control 40 (2007), No.3, pp.80-83
ISSN: 0020-2940
ISSN: 0465-4366
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZM ()

In the few lines afforded here, we were able to present only a few highlights from the world of roll-to-roll processes for microfabrication. Besides the obvious printing technologies, more and more classical microsystems technologies are adapted for roll-to-roll fabrication. At times this adaptation is straightforward, at other times it requires the construction of specialised equipment. Overall, roll-to-roll fabrication is penetrating more and more areas of production technologies because of its cost effectiveness and flexibility. Furthermore, it allows to bridge the gap between microtechnologies and large area applications. Besides the applications described in this article, we expect roll-to-roll processing to play an increasing role in the advancement of production and integration technologies, adding functionality to printed circuit boards and providing vital functional elements for increasingly complex lab-on-chip systems for health applications.