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Integrating security policies via container portable interceptors

: Ritter, T.; Schreiner, R.; Lang, U.


IEEE Distributed Systems Online 7 (2006), No.7, pp.1
ISSN: 1541-4922
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

Integration of CORBA component-based and model-driven middleware and OpenPMF policy management framework provides a simplified approach to define, manage, and enforce security policies in distributed systems. OpenPMF is based on an abstract model of middleware security policies, defined in UML. Object Management Groups's Meta-Object Facility (MOF) generates a CORBA-based policy repository from the abstract model to store concrete instantiations of security policies. One can assure the overall security framework by protecting the policy repository. Policy evaluators enforce the policies and are integrated into the middleware's call chain like container portable interceptors (COPIs). QoS enabler, which is a specialized component that can be loaded into a specialized CCM container, and OpenPMF provide access control on the components' interfaces and their infrastructure, which in turns protects the integrity of information.