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Aluminiumschaum - ein Werkstoff für das Bauwesen? Teil 2: Anwendungsmöglichkeiten für Aluminiumschaum sowie deren Verbunde

Aluminum foam - A material for the building industry? Part II: Application possibilities for aluminum foam as well as aluminum foam composites
: Rybandt, Susi; Lies, Carsten; Hohlfeld, Jörg; Hipke, Thomas

Bauingenieur 86 (2011), No.10, pp.425-432
ISSN: 0005-6650
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()

Aluminium foam combined with steel sheets - e. g. as a sandwich - is particularly suitable for lightweight structures. Particularly in industrial and hall construction these semi-finished products are able to realise weight-bearing as well as stabilising functions. For mounting of the aluminium foam semi-finished products among themselves or with other materials joining processes and joining elements are needed. Prefabricated composites are usually joined to larger elements by welding. Afterwards these elements can be installed by tensioning directly on the building site. This publication presents the first prototypical applications of aluminium foam semi-finished products in the building industry. The aim of current R&D - projects is to expand the property portfolio of aluminium foam semi-finished products significantly. One way will be the integration of additional functions such as heat storage.