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Interdisziplinary product development - Virtual reality

Interdisziplinäre Produktentwicklung - Virtual-Reality Anwendungen in QM Prozessen
: Eiselt, T.; Zickner, Holger; Dietzsch, M.; Weidlich, Dieter; Gröger, Sophie; Ihlenfeldt, Steffen

Kempf, Michael (Ed.); Rommel, Steve (Ed.); Fernandez, Jeffrey (Ed.); Subramanian, Anand (Ed.) ; International Journal of Industrial Engineering -IJIE-:
16th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering - Theory, Applications and Practice 2011. CD-ROM : Stuttgart, Germany, September 20-23, 2011; IJIE 2011
Stuttgart, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-9346601-3-3
Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering <16, 2011, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()

For an application of quality management (QM) methods, such as the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
(FMEA), in the field of complex mechatronic systems, it is necessary that every member of the interdisciplinary team has
been introduced to the visualisation of the mechatronic system. By using Virtual Reality (VR) in connection with QM
methods, it becomes possible to provide general information for the team to improve the application of QM methods
considerably. With its realistic stereoscopic visualisiation of parts, assemblies and complete systems in combination with
the interaction in all six degrees of freedom, VR is particularly suitable for illustrating the complex behaviour of
mechatronic systems. This article describes goals and first results of the current research at the Chemnitz University of