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Radiation tolerant optical fibres: from sample testing to large series production

: Wijnands, Thijs; Aikawa, K.; Kuhnhenn, Jochen; Ricci, Daniel; Weinand, Udo

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Created on: 3.9.2014

Journal of Lightwave Technology 29 (2011), No.22, pp.3393-3400
ISSN: 0733-8724
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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CERN; fluorine doping; Large Hadron Collider; micro duct cabling; optical fibre; radiation induced attenuation

The process of selecting, manufacturing and installing a large quantity (2500 km) of commercially available radiation tolerant specialty fibres is described. Radiation tests of various types of fibres from different manufacturers provided sufficient understanding of the radiation effects to select the best performing fibre type. Systematic verification of a sample of each preform assured a constant quality of the series production and allowed assessing the impact of small variations in the manufacturing process on the radiation hardness and the optical transmission characteristics. The fibre cable installation technique based on micro jetting and plastic cable ducts has been validated for areas with high levels of radiation.