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Service Robotics Applications and Remarks on their Economics

Outline and application of an evaluative methodology. Presentation held at 4th International Expert Days Service Robotics, February 23-24 2011, Hausen, Germany
: Blümlein, Nikolaus

2011, 16 Folien
International Expert Days Service Robotics <4, 2011, Hausen>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Studie; Serviceroboter; Service Robot; Effizienz; EFFIROB; Roboter; Wirtschaftlichkeit

An integrative approach for investigating manufacturers' and users' costs for new service robots which has been developed within the scope oft he study "Profitability of novel service robotics applications and their significance for robotics development" (EFFIROB) is presented. The methods comprehend expert interviews, function based component decomposition and life cycle costing.