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Electrophotography - an efficient technology for biochip fabrication

: Güttler, Stefan; Fulga, Simina; Grzesiak, Andrzej; Refle, Oliver; Bischoff, Ralf; Breitling, Frank; Stadler, Volker


Journal of imaging science and technology 55 (2011), No.4, Art. 040306
ISSN: 1062-3701
ISSN: 8750-9237
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
manufacturing; laser printing; Biochip; digital biofabrication; electrophotography; peptide array; Fertigungsprozeß; Biotechnologie; Druckverfahren

At present, electrophotography has not drawn much attention as a digital manufacturing technique. But it has the potential to be an alternative to ink jet for some interesting applications. The authors introduce a novel and a highly efficient manufacturing process for biochips (peptide arrays) based on electrophotography. Peptide arrays are powerful tools for developing new medical agents for diagnosis and therapy techniques. They are predicted to become as important as DNA arrays provided it is possible to produce peptide arrays in sufficient complexity at moderate costs. After the major scientific goals of the manufacturing process were achieved, a step toward series production has now been made.