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Experience-based set-up of software quality measurement programs

: Jaufmann, O.
: Rombach, H.D.; Rus, I.; Kaiser, P.; Freimut, B.

Kaiserslautern, 2003, V, 182 pp. : Ill., Lit.
Kaiserslautern, Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 2003
Fraunhofer IESE ()
experience factory; measurement program; software quality characterization; software quality measurement

Presently, software development becomes more and more complex. This fact forces software engineers to develop software more systematically and in a more controlled way. A technique that enables systematic and controlled software development is measurement. The measurement approach considered in the thesis is the GQM method.
One of the problems of the GQM method is that using the method to define and set up a measurement program requires a lot of measurement experience and knowledge (e.g., about quality properties and measures) that only few people have. The consequences of the application of the GQM method by nonexperienced personnel (and even by measurement experts) can first be an incomplete characterization of the product quality and second a large amount of effort required to perform the measurement.
The problem is tackled in the thesis through the development of the SQCM Experience Factory, which consists of the SQCM Experience Base and the SQCM process. The SQCM Experience Base captures the knowledge and experience (e.g., quality properties, measures, etc.) that can be useful for measurement of software quality. The SQCM process defines how the SQCM Experience Base should be used.
In order to find out whether the SQCM Experience Factory tackles the problem, the SQCM Experience Factory is validated in the context of three case study projects. Three aspects were validated in these case studies: effectiveness and efficiency gained through the application of the concept and the usefulness of the concept from the project stakeholders' point of view. The effectiveness and efficiency gained through the application of the SQCM Experience Factory is investigated through a comparison with the efficiency and the effectiveness gained through the application of the dependability methodology and the traditional methods (the manual GQM method, derivation from documents). The usefulness of the SQCM Experience Factory is validated through interviews with project stakeholders who applied the SQCM Experience Factory concept. These project stakeholders represent stakeholder roles: developer, user, and customer.