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OPTIMIS: A holistic approach to cloud service provisioning

: Juan Ferrer, A.; Hernández, F.; Tordsson, J.; Elmroth, E.; Ali-Eldin, A.; Zsigri, C.; Sirvent, R.; Guitart, J.; Badia, R.M.; Djemame, K.; Ziegler, W.; Dimitrakos, T.; Nair, S.K.; Kousiouris, G.; Konstanteli, K.; Varvarigou, T.; Hudzia, B.; Kipp, A.; Wesner, S.; Corrales, M.; Forgo, N.; Sharif, T.; Sheridan, C.


Future generation computer systems : FGCS 28 (2012), No.1, pp.66-77
ISSN: 0167-739X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer SCAI ()
cloud computing; security; elasticity; Service Level Agreement; optimisation; toolkit; cloud bursting; cloud federation

We present fundamental challenges for scalable and dependable service platforms and architectures that enable flexible and dynamic provisioning of cloud services. Our findings are incorporated in a toolkit targeting the cloud service and infrastructure providers. The innovations behind the toolkit are aimed at optimizing the whole service life cycle, including service construction, deployment, and operation, on a basis of aspects such as trust, risk, eco-efficiency and cost. Notably, adaptive self-preservation is crucial to meet predicted and unforeseen changes in resource requirements. By addressing the whole service life cycle, taking into account several cloud architectures, and by taking a holistic approach to sustainable service provisioning, the toolkit aims to provide a foundation for a reliable, sustainable, and trustful cloud computing industry.