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Barriers to energy efficiency - an econometric analysis of determinants

: Gruber, E.; Schleich, J.

Attali, Sophie ; European Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy -ECEEE-, Paris:
Time to turn down energy demand. Energy intelligent solutions for climate, security and sustainable development : ECEEE 2003 summer study proceedings; 2 - 7 June 2003, Saint-Raphaël, France
Stockholm: ECEEE, 2003
ISBN: 91-631-4001-2
European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE Sumer Study) <2003, Saint Raphaël>
Conference Paper
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energy efficiency; organisational behaviour; barrier; transaction; cost; econometric; energy consumption; energy policy; energy audit

A vast body of literatukre suggests that there are various obstacles to energy efficiency in private and public organisations or individual households. Barriers such as market failures, transactions costs, or imperfect information may even prevent cost-effective technologies and practices from being realised. In this paper, we use econometric techniques to assess the determinants of barriers to energy efficiency for the German commerce and services sectors, which predominantly consist of small and some medium sized private and public organisations. The barriers analysed include lack of time, lack of information about energy consumption paterns, lack of information about energy efficient measures, organisational priority setting, uncertainty about energy costs, and the landlord/tenant problem. For each barrier, a separate regression is run on a set of "explanatory" variables, which includes energy consumption, organisation size, whether an energy audit was conducted, and sector-specific dummies. The findings complement case study results, but policy recommandations are based on a much broader statistical basis.