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Plasma ion assisted deposition of aluminium oxide and aluminium oxifluoride layers for applications in the ultraviolet spectral range

: Stenzel, O.; Gäbler, D.; Wilbrandt, S.; Kaiser, N.; Steffen, H.; Ohl, A.


Optical materials 33 (2011), No.11, pp.1681-1687
ISSN: 0925-3467
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
aluminium oxide; aluminium oxifluoride; optical constants; optical coating; ultraviolet

We present extended experimental material about optical and mechanical properties as well as the water content of aluminium oxide films, deposited by plasma ion assisted electron beam evaporation. A clear correlation between these experimental data is established and understood as being affected by the different degree of the porosity of the films. When adding fluorine as a reactive gas during deposition, aluminium oxifluoride layers can be obtained that appear nearly free of water, and combine UV-transparency with higher UV refractive indices than porous aluminium oxide layers.