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Vortrag gehalten auf der Tagung Mikrobearbeitung - ein Trend mit Wachstumspotentialen, 24. Mai 2011, Wismar
: Schulz, B.

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Created on: 18.8.2011

2011, 24 Folien
Tagung Mikrobearbeitung - ein Trend mit Wachstumspotentialen <2011, Wismar>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Mikrobearbeitungstechnologie; Mikrotechnik; Mikrozerspanung; Mikroumformung; Laserbearbeitung; micro manufacturing technology; microengineering; micro cutting; microforming; laser ablation

This paper presents an outline to micro manufacturing technologies these are applied at Fraunhofer IWU. The cause of that lecture was an invitation of the CIM-Technologie-Zentrum Wismar e.V. to the workshop "Mikrobearbeitung - ein Trend mit Wachstumspotentialen" (micro manufacturing - a trend with potential of growth) that was held on May, 24th in Wismar.
At first the profile of the Fraunhofer IWU and the main research competencies are presented. After then there is given an overview to cutting, erosive and forming micro manufacturing methods and to the required equipment and measuring solutions. A presentation of the novel networking project (NEMO) ""M³-Parallel" concluses the explanations.