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Experiments to Understand HPC Time to Development

: Hochstein, L.; Nakamura, T.; Basili, V.R.; Asgari, S.; Zelkowitz, M.V.; Hollingsworth, J.K.; Shull, F.; Carver, J.; Voelp, M.; Zazworka, N.; Johnson, P.

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CTWatch Quarterly 2 (2006), No.4A, pp.24-32
ISSN: 1555-9874
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IESE ()

Over the past three years we have been developing a methodology for running HPC experiments in a classroom setting and obtaining results we believe are applicable to HPC programming in general. We are starting to look at larger developments and at large university and government HPC projects in order to increase the confidence on the early results we have obtained with students.

Our development of the Experiment Manager system allows us to more easily expand our capabilities in this area. This allows many others to run such experiments on their own in a way that allows for the appropriate controls of the experiment so that results across classes and organization at geographically diverse locations can be compared in order to get a thorough understanding of the HPC development model.