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Vorrichtung zur optischen Abbildung

Device for optically imaging part of object on region of e.g. charge coupled device in digital microscopy, has field lens lying between imaging lenses to form symmetry axis of channel by forming axis perpendicular to lateral curvature
: Duparre, J.; Wippermann, F.; Brückner, A.; Bräuer, A.; Leitel, R.; Völkel, R.

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DE 102009047361 A: 20091201
DE 102009047361 A: 20091201
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DE 102009047361 A1 UPAB: 20110621 NOVELTY - The device has an optical channel (110) with imaging lenses (120, 130) that lay on two substrates, respectively. The lenses are arranged such that a surface of one of the lenses is a light inlet surface (180) of the channel, and a surface of another lens is a light outlet surface (182) of the channel. A field lens lies between the imaging lenses such that an axis formed perpendicular to a lateral curvature of the channel through a lateral central point of the field lens forms a symmetry axis (170) of the channel. Another surface of each imaging lens is formed as achromatic objectives. USE - Device for optically imaging a part of an object on a region of a digital image sensor e.g. charge coupled device, complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor in a digital microscopy and/or macro photography. Can also be used as a polymer photodiode field. ADVANTAGE - The field lens lies between the imaging lenses such that the axis formed perpendicular to the lateral curvature of the optical channel through the lateral central point of the field lens forms the symmetry axis of the channel, thus enabling an imaging of laterally expanded close objects with a better relationship or ratio from image quality to overall height and ensuring that maximally detectable object area is no longer dependent on the overall height of the device.